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Business Directory:


Name:  Bayview Gardens B&B
Tel.: 250-637-5749 Web: Link

Name:  Moresby Island Guest House B&B
Tel.: 250-637-5300 Web: Link

Name:  North Shores Lodging & Catering
Tel.: 250-637-2233 Web: n/a

Name:  Sandspit Harbour Inn . Fishing Charters and Accommodations
Tel.: 250-637-2233 Web: n/a

Name:  Seaport B&B
Tel.: 250-637-5698 Web: n/a

Name:  The Inn at Sandspit - West Coast Resourts
Tel.: 250-637-5377 Web: n/a

Name:  Queen Charlotte Safaris - fishing charters & accomodation
Tel.: 250-637-5698 Web: n/a

Arts, Crafts, & Galleries:

Name:  Doll's Woodworking
Tel.: 250-637-2390 Web: n/a

Name:  Tidal Haans Pottery
Tel.: 250-637-2332 Web: n/a

Emergency, Medical, & Community Services

Name:  B.C. Ambulance - Emergency
Tel.: 800-461-9911 Web: n/a

Name:  R.C.M.P
Tel.: 250-559-4421 Web: n/a

Name:  Sandspit Volunteer Fire Department
Emergency: 250-637-2222 Non-emergency: 250-637-2229

Name:  Agnes L. Mathers Elementary & Secondary School
Tel.: 250-637-5454 Web: n/a

Name:  GARDA Security Corp/CATSA
Tel.: 250-637-5790 Web: n/a

Name:  Jin-Shin-Do Acupressure
Tel.: 250-637-5463 Web: n/a

Name:  Sandspit Community Hall
Tel.: 250-637-5489 Web: n/a

Name:  Sandspit Community Office
Tel.: 250-637-2466 Web: n/a

Name:  Sandspit Medical Clinic
Tel.: 250-637-5403 Web: n/a

Name:  Vancouver Island Regional Library
Tel.: 250-637-2247 Web: n/a

Name:  Visitor Information Center
Tel.: 250-637-5362 Web: n/a

Industrial Services:

Name:  Gamble Welding
Tel.: 250-637-5699 Web: n/a

Name:  Bayview Sales & Service - Esso Fuels
Tel.: 250-637-5359 Web: n/a

Name:  Bridgeview Marine - Boat repairs & accessories
Tel.: 250-637-5432 Web: n/a

Name:  Caper Enterprises Saw Shop
Tel.: 250-637-5648 Alt: 250-637-5395

Name:  RV Site - Coin Laundry & Coin Shower
Tel.: 250-637-5473 Web: n/a

Name:  Sandspit Automotive - Mechanical Services
Tel.: 250-637-5485 Web: n/a

Name:  Seahawk Aviation Services - Aircraft refueling
Tel.: 250-637-2431 Web: n/a

Name:  Shiels Contracting and QCI Granite
Tel.: 250-637-637-5614 Web: n/a

Name:  SUR Enterprises Ltd. - Computer/ISP Services
Tel.: 250-637-5634 Web: n/a

Name:  Teal Jones & Olympic Forest Products
Tel.: 250-637-5323 Web: n/a

Retail Services:

Name:  Nory's Parlour - Hair & Aesthetics
Tel.: 250-637-2267 Alt: 250-637-5464

Name:  SuperValu Grocery & Liquor Store
Tel.: 250-637-637-2249 Web: n/a


Name:  Brady's Bistro - Cappuccino, bakery, soup & sandwiches
Tel.: 250-637-2455 Web: n/a

Name:  Dick's Wok Inn - Licensed Chinese/Canadian Restaurant
Tel.: 250-637-637-2275 Web: n/a

Name:  Orange Roof Resaurant & Bar
Tel.: 250-637-5619 Web: n/a

Spiritual Services:

Name:  Lord of Life Church - Sundays 11 & 5
Tel.: n/a Web: n/a

Tourism & Outfitters:

Name:  Carey's Beachcombing Pacific Treasures
Tel.: 250-637-5492 Web: n/a

Name:  Moresby Explorers - Guided Boat Tours
Tel.: 250-637-2215 Web: n/a

Name:  Queen Charlotte Safaris = fishing charters & accommodation
Tel.: 250-637-5788 Web: n/a

Name:  Vancouver Island Helicopters - Charters & Tours
Tel.: 250-637-5344 Web: n/a

Name:  Willows Golf Course - 18 Holes & Licesnsed Clubhouse/Restaurant
Tel.: 250-637-2388 Web: n/a


Name:  Air Canada Jazz
Tel.: 250-637-5726 Web: n/a

Name:  Budget Rent-A-Car
Tel.: 250-637-5688 Web: n/a

Name:  Jet Eagle Transfer
Tel.: 250-637-5433 Web: n/a

Name:  Sandspit Taxi
Tel.: 250-637-5655 Web: n/a

Name:  Thrift Car Rental
Tel.: 250-637-2299 Web: n/a

Name:  Transport Canada & Airport Manager
Tel.: 250-637-5313 Web: n/a
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